Universal Instruments Corporation Electrical Engineering Intern/Co-op Spring/Summer 2018 in Conklin, New York

Electrical Engineering Intern/Co-Op


Researches, develops, designs, evaluates, tests and documents electronic, electrical, and electro-mechanical components, products and systems, applying principles and techniques of electronic and electrical engineering and design for manufacturability.

Principal Accountabilities:

1.Designs electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical circuits and integrated systems, utilizing appropriate technologies.

2.Develops testing criteria and assists in the design of test apparatus.

3.May direct field operations and maintenance of electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical products and upgrades.

4.Evaluates operational systems and recommends design modifications to eliminate causes of malfunctions or changes in system requirements.

5.Uses computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to perform engineering tasks.

6.Evaluates machines or products on manufacturing floor for system related problems and recommends or implements corrective action.

7.Applies quality techniques to the design/development and manufacturing process.

8.Participates in design review to increase design confidence level and reduce cycle time.

9.Develops design, functional and test specifications for electronics, electrical and electro-mechanical products to meet market specifications.

Minimum Requirements:

Completion of at least 2 years in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Science or other comparable curriculum.

Preferred (but not required) Criteria:

VHDL Design

Schematic Capture

Digital Design

Instrumentation: load cells, displacement transducers, accelerometers, inspection equipment, etc.

Strong leadership skills

Good communication skills (oral and written)

Ability to multi-task

Responsibility for Quality Procedures or Direct Product Quality:

Adheres to Universal Quality System policies and procedures and uses Total Cycle Time principles and standard problem solving tools to continuously improve work processes.

Physical Demands:

Requires the ability to use a computer on a frequent basis.

May have to remain stationary for extended periods, but also needs to be mobile enough to navigate through work areas.

Must be able to communicate clearly with fellow workers.